Hey all,

Recently, I was able to get a clean etch for the first time. I had the leave the wafer in 2.3% HF for 50 minutes in order for it to fully etch.

As for masking, I used duct tape. Originally, I used “car vinyl” because I though it would give me the best adhesive. But, I was getting lifting off the vinyl and I was etching in areas I did not want etched. Duct tape seemed to work well.

First Field Oxide Growth

Hey all!

Today (Oct. 8, 2018), I was able to grow my first field oxide. I had the tube furnace hovering between 1000C and 1050C while I pumped steam into it by a boiling vacuum flask right next to it.

After around 50 mins of heating, I pulled the wafer back out and I saw a yellowish to purple tint; it looks very yellow on camera.

Looking at a chart, it indicates 400 – 490 nm. However, it was my first time and it very well could have been much lower than that.